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Minimalisme Cosy, quand le less est more!

A première vue, le cosy minimalism ressemble à un oxymoron ! cosy est synonyme d'intérieurs confortables et pleins alors que le minimalisme désigne des intérieurs vides et parfois froids. Alors, qu...

Cosy Minimalism - Where Less is More

Cosy minimalism sounds at first glance like an oxymoron! Cosy is synonymous with comfy and full interiors whereas minimalism is for empty, sometimes cold interiors. So, what does cosy minimalism re...

In Praise of Slowness: Damascene, a disappearing art

This rarer work of engraving on steel or iron, whose incisions are inlaid with gold, silver or copper, is said to date back, according to the most reliable sources, to Glaucus of Chio, around the c...

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