Like most things, our pieces require regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes regular hoovering, rotation and periodic professional cleaning. As most of our rugs are made from premium quality hand-spun wool, one of the best ways to refresh your rug is to hang it outside on a sunny day in the fresh breeze.

We have listed a few preventive measures to ensure that you enjoy your rug in all its glory, for a long, long time. 

  • Rugs that can be used on both sides should be turned over at least once a year. This extends its longevity. After being turned over, any dirt particles that may have remained in the rug despite cleaning are essentially “beaten out” downwards when the rug is walked on.The dirt particles “beaten out” by walking over can then be removed easily with a hoover.
  • Turn the rug by 180 degrees. This ensures even wear and the uniform appearance of the surface. We therefore recommend frequent re-positioning of the rug.
  • Use a rug underlay - please always use a rug underlay on hard surfaces. This renders your rug long lasting, increases the tread comfort and prevents slipping. 
  • Individual wool fibres or even wool curls may come loose during use. Please do not pull these out. Instead simply cut the projecting wool ends off directly at the surface of the rug with a pair of sharp fabric shears.
  • Hoovering - dust particles can be removed effectively and efficiently before they become embedded by thorough hoovering of the rug once a week (caution: clean only with a flat nozzle, without the brush attachment). To achieve optimum results you should always empty the vacuum-cleaner bag when it is half-full.
  •  Stain removal - in the case of liquids first place an absorbent white paper cloth or a moist flannel on the stain. In this case the greater part of the soiling (for example, red wine) is absorbed through the capillary action. Subsequently dab the affected area with a moist undyed cotton cloth. Please do not rub with a circular movement while applying pressure! In the case of coarse dirt such as soil first let the dirt dry and then remove it with a hoover. If your rug is heavily soiled by stains, we recommend having the rug cleaned by a rug cleaning specialist. 
  • Moist mopping - after cleaning agents have been used, the floor should be wiped once more thoroughly with clear water in order to avoid stains being caused by any cleaning agent residues. This also prevents the wool from losing colour by evaporation of the cleaning agent. We recommend that the rug not be placed on the newly cleaned area until the surface has dried completely. Please note that large-pored stoneware / tiles in particular require a longer time to dry completely.
  • Glass cleaner - before cleaning glass tables with glass cleaning spray cover the rug around the affected areas. This prevents the formation of stains or wool discoloration and a higher sensitivity to soiling arising through the coincidental spraying. 
  •  Please also note that walking on your rug with shoes having a rubber sole will reduce the longevity of your rug. The effect is similar to that of an eraser. This means that the wool threads are pulled out the yarn in which they are anchored to a higher extent. 

All in all, rugs don’t need frequent cleaning and if you follow the advice here, you will be blessed with not only a stunning rug, but also one that is long lasting. 

After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

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