Jurande  /ʒy.ʁɑ̃d/ the origins of which, can be traced back to the French Ancien Régime in the 1700s; A profession, known as a "corps de métier", was constituted by the mutual oath which the masters lent to each other: oaths to not only observe regulations, but also an oath of solidarity and professional morality. Similar to the jurors who upheld and defended the professional morality of the members of a corporation, the brand, Jurande, reflects and represents originality and authenticity with a strong emphasis on exquisitely hand-crafted, fairly traded, ethnic items. In an attempt to revive a dying art of craftsmanship, Jurande is not just a brand, but an emotion celebrating indigenous artisanship across the world.

Jurande was founded by friends, Imane and Sayantani, in December 2019. They both share a passion for Fairtrade practices, and are further united in their love for indigenous handcrafted artisanship. Jurande is much more than the product, it is about giving voice to the very many artisans who create these exquisite items.... Our first stop is Morocco.

Introducing Jurande

Imane Douali 
Founder & CEO 

The first seeds of Jurande came to being one afternoon as Imane desperately sought unique and Fairtrade items in an attempt to decorate her quaint Parisian apartment. Growing up in Casablanca, she has always felt strongly about supporting Fairtrade practices – one may even label her a Fairtrade ‘activist’. She is motivated by a will to promote the know-how in art artisanship across the globe, with a special focus on developing countries, some of which are fraught with and home to exquisite hand crafted goods. Naturally, Imane has an immense lust for travel and is keen to learn about other cultures and their rich heritage. 


Sayantani Mitra 
Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Like Imane, Sayantani is a fellow advocate for Fairtrade practices – Jurande provides that seamless mixture of exquisite artisanship and just trade practices. She grew up in Calcutta, in India. She holds a degree in Anthropology, is an avid reader, she loves writing, and especially enjoys writing about causes she cares about. Other than writing, Sayantani enjoys singing tunelessly, playing with dogs, and drinking wine. Not necessarily at the same time or in that order...