Rectangular Diamond-Patterned Cushion Cover

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Hand embroidered, colourful, attractive, cushion covers are a simple way to add style, warmth and texture to any interiors as they transform the spaces and furniture thereby giving them a new lease of life. All cushion covers are full of beauty and splendour, made from cotton and silk thread and backed with quality cotton or hemp/linen backing.

These cushions make great scatter cushions (throw pillows) which can be used on the sofa in your living room, they also make great cushion pads for chairs.

Cotton and silk thread
30 x 50 cm
Wine red and white
Black and white 

Please note this item can be customised to suit bespoke requirements. Please book a free 30 min consultation to discuss this and get samples. 

We endeavour to provide all the information we can about each item so you know exactly what you are getting. All product images are taken in natural daylight to ensure the colour portrayed on-screen is as true to life as possible. Items may change in appearance when placed in different or artificial lighting situations. If you would like to see an item in alternative setting, please email or call us.

Assiya is currently working closely with her father and learning the ropes in order to take charge of the family business. Her father used to specialise in hand-stitched embroidery work, however, as cheaper machine-made alternatives emerged in the markets he adapted to using embroidery machines in order to 'keep up, increase production to survive in the industry. Needless to say, these aren't comparable to the quality of hand-stitched embroidered work. Assiya took on the challenge to bring back the art of hand-stitching embroidery and is encouraging other young women to rebuild their relationship with this complex but beloved and exquisite method. Moroccan embroidery is well known globally and we are delighted to work with Assiya in preserving this age-old indigenous artisanship.

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