Damascene Napkin Rings

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This beautifully decorative item - lovely damascene napkin rings are an instant hit at any dinner party. 
The intricate mix of geometric and paisley patterns are reminiscent of the Islamic art that was prevalent across the Middle East, North Africa and Spain. 

Made by Abd El Jalil, one of only four remaining artisans specialising in damascene art.

All items are examined and checked individually before shipping. Due to each ring being made by skilful hands, a slight bespoke touch is added and inaccuracies may occur.

These can be paired with our organic linen table napkins. 

Silver and black 
Steel and silver 
 ø 4 x 3.5 cm

Four variations in design available. See pictures.

Please note this item can be customised to suit bespoke requirements. Please book a free 30 min consultation to discuss this and get samples. 

We endeavour to provide all the information we can about each item so you know exactly what you are getting. All product images are taken in natural daylight to ensure the colour portrayed on-screen is as true to life as possible. Items may change in appearance when placed in different or artificial lighting situations. If you would like to see an item in alternative setting, please email or call us.

Abd El Jalil is one of four of remaining damascene artisans in Morocco. All of them are located in Meknes. He is over 70 years-old and still continues to use his hands in the same manner as his father and grandfather. He represented Morocco and his art in several programmes abroad. Abd El Jalil and his peers are disillusioned by the lack of interest from the younger generation to excel in the artisanship of damascene, rendering it a dying art in Morocco.  

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