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People say, home is where the heart is. Home is more an emotion than an actual physical place. I remember leaving home to move to the UK to study over 5 years ago. I'd packed my life in the Emirates allocated 30 kilos. Needless to say, amidst the books, a few items of clothing and essentials, I couldn't manage to cram in anything to do my future room up with.

As I sat in my over-priced and tiny student accommodation in the relentlessly beautiful autumnal Oxford, I thought of ways in which I could feel comfortable, feel 'at home'.

An old Turkish rug bought for £5 at a thrift shop, a discarded lamp found in the common room, and a set of twinkly fairly lights were all it took to transform an otherwise impersonal and dull room into the only place I wanted to be when the world got challenging and scary. I felt safe, and at home. 

Since university, I've moved house several times, and although now financially a lot more stable than a student living on jars of Nutella and cheap wine, I've kept my thrift-shop rug - it's become a part of my identity.

Do you have that one thing that makes a house your home? 

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