If you are thinking of refreshing your décor with a touch of gold and chic, you should strongly consider brass in your home. There are all kinds of brass accessories that provide an artistic and luxurious touch, which you can incorporate into your home beautifully.

Brass is a material that has been used since the dawn of time, due to its deducible appearance and malleable texture. It is composed mainly of copper and zinc and its colour varies from yellow to pink depending on its composition. It is the only alloy that imitates gold, and likes to be worked, bent, hammered and polished, to produce creations of stunning precision and beauty.

Why Brass? 
Brass, a noble material at the heart of a growing interior design trend:

An indispensable partner in the art of decoration, brass plays a dominant role in interior design. It is characterised by its resistance to corrosion, its ease of maintenance and the trendy touch it brings to the rooms it decorates. Thanks to these versatile features, brass has been able to invade our interiors with refinement, in the form of lights, candleholders, mirrors, wall sconces or simple furniture ornaments, bringing softness and elegance to spaces!

Brass can be combined with many different materials, creating a baroque atmosphere when combined with velvet, and a chic décor when combined with marble. If there is a winning duo, it is undoubtedly that of marble and brass, this combination brings a contemporary touch to every room it decorates. Bringing luminosity to dark spaces and sublimating light spaces, brass is everywhere (bathrooms, kitchen, living room, bedrooms...), where it is, it is displayed with style, fits to all rooms and to the majority of decoration styles, whether they are classic or more contemporary. This makes brass truly timeless. 

Green velvet chairs overlooking a brass and marble centre table in a moody living room
Combination of brass and velvet for a baroque atmosphere
Source: JK interior living
An array of velvet kitchen chairs with brass frames against a marble kitchen island
Combination of marble and brass
Source: JK interior living

Brass can be perfectly integrated into all styles of decoration:
The leading material is an ally of the Art Deco style, it gives a chic and neat result when incorporated in a contemporary style with neutral tones, and brings a vintage touch when brushed, it has also managed to make itself appreciated in the Neo art deco which is very trendy and finally, it is ideal for a cosy style of which it accentuates the features more. It is easy to imagine brass in a minimalist interior as well as in an eclectic style, but today designers are revisiting it in a contemporary way and playing with the diversity of brass objects to introduce it into rooms in a refined way. When the brass item is handmade this adds to the originality and beauty of the creation. Visit our collection of handmade brass lighting and enjoy the precision craftsmanship of our artisans in this material.

A modern interior with brass objectsBrass in a modern decorating style
Source: 212 Concept

A traditional classic interior bathroom with brass finishes
Le laiton intégré un style de décoration classique
Source: Industville

The place of brass in Moroccan arts and crafts:
Brass occupies an important place in Moroccan brassware, which in turn leaves an appreciable trace in the Fesi art craft in particular, and Moroccan in general. Brassware is part of the heritage of the spiritual city of Fez, also present in Marrakech, and has always fascinated visitors to the ancient Medina. Brass in Fesi brassware can be found in various forms: teapots, trays, kitchen utensils, chandeliers... Moroccan craftsmen deliver unique pieces, of an inexhaustible creativity, with an outstanding know-how transmitted from one generation to another.

Intricate brass decoration as seen in the bar of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Morocco

Brass embellishes the bar decoration of the Royal Mansour Palace
Source: Royal Mansour Hotel

Brass and Yachting:
Brassware has been taken to another level of personalisation by reinventing yachting furnishings, bringing a touch of fascinating beauty and originality to yachts, private jets and luxury trains. The brass work used in this design gives rise to works of art incorporated into furniture as simple ornaments, or as handmade decorative utility items.

The luxurious Orient Express train also relies on brass in its stunning interior design, for a vintage style that emphasises the cultural heritage of the East.

Brass interiors in The Orient ExpressBrass in the decoration of the luxurious Orient-Express train
Source: Orient-Express

Taking brass to a whole new level, Maison Meftah has shaken up all the codes of brassware by embarking on the fitting out of private jets, to offer a contemplative experience out of the ordinary. The company has collaborated with Dassault Falcon Service to integrate brass into the interior design of private jets. The result is fascinating!

Brass incorporated into the interior design of Dassault Falcon Service private jets

Brass incorporated into the interior design of Dassault Falcon Service private jets
Source: Maison Meftah

Brass at Jurande:
We collaborate with the best craftsmen in Morocco, and we dedicate our efforts to creating and delivering creations worthy of dazzle and wonder. Our main brass craftsman comes from Fez, the cultural and spiritual capital of the country, where everyone stands in awe of the hammering that goes on in the ancient Medina. Ibrahim specialises in forging brass and copper, which is his passion. He is innovative and creative in the way he designs new objects. In the age of developed (laser) machines, Ibrahim refuses to opt for facilities at the expense of handcrafted charm.

Jurande brass lamp collection

Brass Luminaires de Jurande

Three-in-one luminaire by Jurande

Three-in-one luminaire by Jurande

Adding a touch of brass to your space can be the perfect way to add style and light, given the brilliance and appeal of this material. Let yourself be sublimated by brass creations from the art of craftsmanship, they are creations of superior quality made to last, they are handcrafted with precision and breath-taking skill.
You will find in our online shop, which contains several Moroccan handicrafts, our collection of brass lights made by our craftsman Ibrahim and his team, these lights will allow you to illuminate your home in a unique way.
What are you waiting for to bring more originality to your home? Go to our store!

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