A heritage that is passed down from one generation to the next - craftsmanship - is a guarantee of originality and authenticity. It is an art that requires ancestral know-how in order to deliver exceptional pieces. Today, craftsmanship is sought after by well known names of luxury lifestyle who boast of these traditional methods. 
How did the art of craftsmanship conquer the giants of luxury? How did this art form become a symbol of unquestionable excellence?

In the past, artisans made authentic and personalised pieces bearing the signature of the craftsman, these pieces were destined for the royal court, aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. Then the craft industry was threatened by  industrialisation and the success of artificial intelligence that is starting to shake up the industries.

Once again, today we're seeing how consumers are beginning to value everything that is rare and unique, and industrial products are then discarded because they have nothing of rarity and uniqueness. Consumers also respond to new aspirations in order to contribute to noble causes for the good of humans and the planet.

Craftsmanship and luxury are a Pledge of Authenticity:

Handmade pieces under the name of the craftsman demonstrate a very high quality. According to UNESCO, crafts are considered to be "products made by artisans. Either entirely by hand, or with the aid of hand tools or even mechanical means, provided that the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most important component of the finished product".

Craftsmanship and luxury have the same VALUES:

Re-focusing on sustainability:
Within a culture oriented towards over-consumption, craftsmanship is a refuge to refocus on sustainable things in an ultra-connected world. The integration of this dimension of sustainability by luxury houses by calling upon the services of craftsmen allows them to enhance their products and increase their competitiveness through the production of sustainable and quality products that do not become obsolete with time.

Craftsmanship within luxury is a way to put the human being back at the heart of the purpose and the realization. It shows that behind each piece is a craftsman with a history, a heritage and a precious know-how, allowing him to achieve authenticity, excellence and uniqueness, values advocated by craftsmanship and luxury.


Protecting the planet:
For artisans as well as luxury brands that rely on fine craftsmanship, production processes are based on the principle of non-waste and protection of the planet as well as the lives of artisans and consumers. These values are now an important criterion for purchasing decisions, as people are increasingly concerned about the health of our beloved planet. This is why luxury goods are seeking refuge in the crafts that are naturally part of a green economy policy.

Luxury Houses shift to craftsmanship:
Craftsmanship is increasingly central to the strategies of luxury brands - Chanel, Hermes, shang xia, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc., who are embarking on promoting their artisans. These initiatives show that the luxury giants have re-committed to a focus on the core values of luxury. In the late 80's and early 90's, Chanel bought out workshops that were in danger of disappearing because their master craftsmen were aging and could no longer work. This beautiful initiative allowed these workshops to exist until today and the unique know-how to be protected. And as Karl Lagerfeld points out "creation is the genius of the designer. But it is not much without the noble materials, a craft process and an exceptional hand that guarantee these ancestral workshops.

Jurande, crafts and luxury:

Jurande offers you only handmade products made by very talented artisans in Morocco. It takes into account production processes that are both traditional and planet friendly, you will not find additives or hazardous substances in Jurande products. It is a brand that is very concerned about the lives of its artisans as well as the state of the planet and feels responsible to act and educate the world for the purpose of change and evolution towards an environment less impacted by human actions.


One must appreciate the irregularities and imperfections of unique pieces, each of which tells a story. Luxury, by opening its doors to the most passionate - those who combine know-how and infinite patience - aims at the excellence that is their trademark while defending their noble cause: advocating fair trade to support artisans and protect the environment by reducing pollution and waste. This is how Jurande is still committed to its artisans and our planet, for a world that is more thoughtful. #slowliving

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